Anjuman Hayat –ul –Islam

The oldest institution founded in Delhi in 1932 to look after the destitute and orphan children under late Molana Hamid Ali Qureshi. After independence some philanthropist and tender hearted people decided to reinstitute the shelter for the orphans. Under the chairmanship of Molana Shabbir Ahmed Usmani and his worthy colleagues the AHI was reorganized with new ferver and zest to help the poor and needy.

The organization decided to expand its field of operation and established Technical and Educational Complex at Bahadur yaar Jung Road Gurumandir and Gulishan-e-Iqbal. Its main goal was to boost up and encourage the brilliant but needy Students especially from middle and lower middle classes of the Society.

A Charitable Dispensary is already operative at AHI Bahadur Yaar jang Road Gurumander Complex not only for Hostel students but all the person living in the neighboring vicinity. Free medicines are provided. A qualified MBBS Doctor and a dispenser is taking care of the dispensary. We are trying to contact some donors who may help us to arrange for free medicines and a mobile Van for the Dispensary. Anjuman Hayat-Ul-Islam Pakistan has already completed the for following projects successfully.

At Bahadur Yaar Jang Road Gurumandir Binnori Town Karachi.

  1. Hayat-Ul-Islam Orphanage ( Dar-Ul-Atfal ) Bahadur Yaar Jang Road Gurumandir with Free Lodging and boarding.
  2. A.H.I Technical High School No Fees of any type is charged.

At Gulshan-e-Iqbal, St 18 Block 5

  1. A.H.I Montessory School
  2. A.H.I Public High School for Boys.
  3. A.H.I Public School for Girls
  4.  A.H.I Girls Degree Collage for Girls

Anjuman Hayat Ul Islam Catering to the needs of orphans, Widows and poor students which has become possible only due to the sympathetic and compassionate attitude of years.

All These poor, needy orphans, widows deserving poor students, handicapped, ailing children, Men and women are looking towards you for financial and / or shape of the material. We believe that in view of the escalating cost of living you will extend your cooperation to send your Donations to Anjuman Hayat Ul Islam Pakistan.

Allah the Almighty may be more merciful, beneficent and generous towards you.

Serving Humanity is the Spirit of All Religions

Philanthropists are cordially invited to visit the Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) Karachi Orphans House (Dar-ul-Yatama) “Yateem Khana”.

Aims & Objective


One of the oldest organisation for orphans in Pakistan. Here in Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) we are striving to provide better environment and facility for our orphans.

Food & Shelter 

Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) is providing food and shelter for hundreds of underprevilage and needy people on regular basis.


Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) is providing need based scholarships for the to provide better opportunities to the talent of Pakistan and contributing our part to make better Pakistan.

Financial Support 

Disables, widows and other deserving people are providing financial assistance on monthly basis to cater their need on time and to decrease their problems.