Mission & Vision

To provide the children; home, protection, family, quality education and health.

To enhance the self- esteem of children and protect their dignity.

To provide all possible solutions for the welfare of the children.

To help in a child’s career development.

Working together we will strive to provide the highest leaning opportunities for our students. We aim to create responsible,independent,individuals who have the skills to continue to grow and learn throughout their lives.

Serving Humanity is the Spirit of All Religions

Philanthropists are cordially invited to visit the Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) Karachi Orphans House (Dar-ul-Yatama) “Yateem Khana”.


One of the oldest organisation for orphans in Pakistan. Here in Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) we are striving to provide better environment and facility for our orphans.

Food & Shelter 

Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) is providing food and shelter for hundreds of underprevilage and needy people on regular basis.


Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) is providing need based scholarships for the to provide better opportunities to the talent of Pakistan and contributing our part to make better Pakistan.

Financial Support 

Disables, widows and other deserving people are providing financial assistance on monthly basis to cater their need on time and to decrease their problems.