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Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam

"Without an education, orphans are destined to repeat this never ending cycle of poverty. Orphans, who age out of institutions without education are mostly condemned to a life on some streets, of begging or worse. ‘Anjuman Hayat ul Islam' believes that once we have saved their lives with proper education, medical care, we are committed to making their lives worth. Our education services provide assistance to children, schools, parents and communities to reach their full potential. be proactive in the identification of students experiencing education, and health issues. develop educational programs for students with learning difficulties. work Preventatively with students to build resilience, and motivational skills. How amazing it is to realize that with a little help, we can make a positive impact and huge difference in the life of someone who otherwise would never have any chance in life. We hope and pray that more and more people of good will may come forward to become part of this noble cause and together we can make a difference in our world. Your donations will go a long way, to assist each child build a life of their own. All of the expenses are covered by your generous donations. Please help them to experience the challenges and joys of life that you and I have."

Each and every child deserves a chance!

Serving Humanity is the Spirit of All Religions

Philanthropists are cordially invited to visit the Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) Karachi Orphans House (Dar-ul-Yatama) “Yateem Khana”.


One of the oldest organisation for orphans in Pakistan. Here in Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) we are striving to provide better environment and facility for our orphans.

Food & Shelter 

Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) is providing food and shelter for hundreds of underprevilage and needy people on regular basis.


Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) is providing need based scholarships for the to provide better opportunities to the talent of Pakistan and contributing our part to make better Pakistan.

Financial Support 

Disables, widows and other deserving people are providing financial assistance on monthly basis to cater their need on time and to decrease their problems.